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Holistic life coach Cheryl Wright, RI, MA, Sedona Method life coaching testimonials, achieve goals, business success coach, reaching full potential

"I first heard about Cheryl through a mutual friend who recently had enjoyed some amazing emotional progress during a very challenging time in her life - due to Cheryl's energy work, intuitive insights, and, of course, her facilitation of The Sedona Method. Personally, I had tried everything to break through my own issues over the past 20 years ... both traditional and non-traditional. Initially, the Sedona Method seemed a little too 'easy' for me to comprehend its effectiveness. Western thinking assumes that suffering and hard work must accompany progress. However, I have found that experience is the only true teacher.

While I am early in the process of working with Cheryl, I have discovered that my consistent practice of 'Releasing' is already providing freedom from emotional bondage of some very core issues in my life. Reactions and compulsions seem to be dissolving! There is also an aspect of the Method which seems to be counter-intuitive (meaning ... I wouldn't have figured this out myself), which somehow removes subconscious blocks, which probably would have been stuck there for another 20 years. What a relief. Thank you Cheryl, for everything you do!"

- Ron D., North Kingstown, RI

"Through my work with the Sedona Method, I have experienced the freedom of accepting and opening up to 'what is.' It has been effective in achieving both personal and spiritual growth and aided in my ability to let go of uncomfortable and undesirable feelings. I have always had a fear of flying, but by welcoming and not fighting the fears and sensations, I am now able to fly stress-free. It is a moment-by-moment tool that can be used anytime, anywhere, in any situation.

Cheryl provides an emotionally safe space, without judgement, to share and release and experience the freedom of being in the moment. She is open and intuitive, providing a gentleness and ease to the process. Her warmth, compassion, and deep knowledge of the subject creates a perfect learning environment."

- Monica G.

"The Sedona Method has become such a valuable tool in my life as I have begun to learn and practice it this year. Besides helping me to cope with a very challenging family situation with much more grace and ease that I could have managed otherwise, I think it has helped to deepen my work with my own clients. I had heard of the Sedona Method before, but it has been working with Cheryl that has enabled me to truly "get it" and bring it into my life. I am so grateful."

- Marilyn E., Holistic Therapist, Guided Self Healing Practitioner

Cheryl is an amazing practitioner. I had worked with Cheryl for years before she introduced me to the Sedona Method – a very simple, yet incredibly effective relaxation and releasing practice. I use it to quiet my mind's chatter and to bring myself into a very empowering and happy state.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago, I turned to Cheryl for support (from 3,000 miles away). She worked with me throughout my treatment using the Sedona Method, and really helped me to stay in the moment rather than gravitate to fear/future thoughts. I learned some valuable releasing exercises that moved me to a place where I could quiet my mind's chatter, and where indeed, I eventually accepted that I was not this cancer.

This work is life-changing. If you want to give yourself more in life or want to give of yourself more in life, working with Cheryl and the Sedona Method is a great place to start – or continue – being the best of who you are!

- Karin W., California

"Looking back, I surely see a quantum shift in my consciousness and in the quality of my life. My work with you initiated that shift and has sustained and supported a continuous unfolding. Thank you!"

- Shelley T.

"My experience with The Sedona Method has been one of great relief and freedom ...

Since working with Cheryl, I've experienced the loss of a loved one and the break-up of a long-term relationship. I've felt both a physical and non-physical release of energy which has allowed me to let go.

I have closure on some of the toughest situations in my life. I recommend it to all."

- Paul A.

"What worked for me: Everything! Cheryl did a great job releasing me today. Cheryl followed my feelings closely and allowed time for me to release. She has a very gentle way of asking questions that easily get beyond the mind. Over the past month, her tender words have taken me to a deeper level of letting go in my head and opening my heart even wider. Her presence/beingness is soft spoken, confident, humble, and intuitive, which demonstrates strong qualities of a Sedona Method coach. It has been a joy working with her. Our eight sessions are complete, but we have decided to continue releasing as needed. Her work is heartfelt and heart-centered. Cheryl is a powerhouse of awareness."

- Mary

"I cant begin to describe my life today ...

The Sedona Method work has changed my life ten-fold! When I met Ms. Cheryl about 5 years ago, I was having my spiritual crash. Nothing in my life was working. I was having Dark Night of the Soul experiences. My health, family, relationships and career were at an all-time low, more like a bottom really! I even bottomed out in traditional talk therapy! Everything in my life simply stopped working! Spiritually speaking, I was bankrupted in MIND, BODY, SOUL! ... I asked for HELP!

I was ready for change ... Since then, I went to school, I have started a new career, started a new business, and the quality of my personal relationships are very rich and loving. I am more joyful, happier, healthier, and I am more giving and loving. Life is SWEET! If you simply want to EXPAND your life experiences, and want to grow effortlessly without all the struggling and resisting emotionally - what Cheryl is offering to people is an amazing opportunity: To live one's life with a new blueprint. Humanity calls for healers like Cheryl ... I have been inspired!"

- Sharon

"The Sedona Method is a fast and easy way to let go of unwanted emotions by bringing them up and out, and creating more positive energy."

- Olga O.

I have historically had a lot of strong feelings around cigarettes, whether I was smoking or not. When I was smoking, it was love/hate – I loved the feeling of smoking, but not its effects. I hated the smell of it, so I’d smoke more. I could go on ad nauseum; there is a long list of love/hates related to smoking in my past.

Working with Cheryl and The Sedona Method, I have come to understand that I am not my emotions, I am not defined by my emotions. When it came time that I made the decision to quit smoking again, I expected it to be the effort of will that it had been in the past, with the additional tool of releasing. It amazed me – and still does – just how much of my smoking habit was tied to my emotions, because on the second day, I realized that smoking was just not part of my life any more. After the initial releasing, there was no effort involved in not smoking; it just ceased to be part of my life. There was no count of how many days I had gone without a cigarette, because I simply didn’t care; smoking was – and is – part of my past so there was really no reason to think about it … except to share with people how wonderfully surprisingly easy it was to quit using The Sedona Method!!

Even things that had been triggers in the past for me, such as stress and alcohol, I am able to handle without even the thought of a cigarette. I had a quit-smoking buddy who also used The Sedona Method, and she experienced the same results, with similar struggles in the past. I feel like this experience was nothing short of revolutionary for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in affecting positive change in their life – whether it's quitting smoking, finding a partner, a new job, or letting go of the past.

- Lisa K.