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The Sedona Method is a powerful, straightforward easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, technique that shows you how to tap into your own natural ability to let go of any uncomfortable or unwanted feeling in the moment. Using this method you will be able to quickly and easily let go of anything holding you back from financial abundance, emotional wellness, improved relationships, and radiant health.

This technique is:

What makes coaching with The Sedona Method such a powerful tool is that you can use the process to improve any area of your life at anytime, anywhere. Using the Sedona Method technique, hundreds of thousands of people have learned how to tap into their natural ability to let go of their uncomfortable or unwanted emotions immediately. The Sedona Method is simple.

Here are some of the results that you can expect to achieve:

Life coaching, The Sedona Method, RI, MA, improving relationships, self motivation, improve health, set goals, personal life growth

The Sedona Method is scientifically proven to work

The MONY Corporation and highly respected scientific researchers at major universities have validated the effectiveness of The Sedona Method. Sedona Training Associates have a long history of success working with numerous corporations and their employees.


The Sedona Method is based on the premise that you're already whole and complete as you are.
You simply need to let go of the unconscious thoughts and beliefs.

It has long been known that you act how you feel. If you feel energetic and powerful, you act entergetic and powerful. However, if you feel sad and depressed, you act sad and depressed. Therefore, changing your feelings will change the way you act!

This is conveyed in our choice of words like "I am angry," or "I am sad." Without realizing it, in speaking like this, we are saying to ourselves and others that we are our anger, we are our grief, or we are our feelings. We often create stories of why we feel the way we feel so that we may account for or clarify this misperception of our identity.

Even justifiable feelings are only feelings and not who we are. We can simply let go of feelings. In doing this:

The process of letting go of the emotions often allows us to grow into an ability to have:


Use The Sedona Method & "let go" of unwanted feelings in seconds

Cheryl Wright, holistic life coaching using The Sedona Method, MA, RI

Creating change in your life using "Mental Techniques" can be:

Creating change with The Sedona Method's "Unique Releasing Technique" is easy:

In this rapidly changing world, the knowledge and ability to release and let go is a critical and strategic survival skill. It is essential to maintain and improve the quality of life that we may have taken for granted up until now. Using The Sedona Method will show you how to enjoy living a happier, more productive, more satisfying, more loving and joyous life now.

Follow this link to see a Sample Process of how The Sedona Method works.


Releasing is natural

You may have noticed that when a very young child falls down, they may look around to see if there is any reason to be upset. Often, if a child believes there is nobody watching them, in a moment they just "Let Go" appearing to shake it off as if nothing happened. If that same child is in a similar situation, and sees that someone is there, most likely a parent or adult, they usually sieze the opportunity to get attention, let out a good scream, shed some tears, and run into the arms of the parent or adult.

You may have also noticed that when many young children get very angry with their young friends, siblings, playmates, or parents, and even say things like, “I hate you,” or “I'm never talking to you again,” and then a short time later, usually minutes later, the child feels and behaves as if it never happened.

As years go by, interactions with our parents, teachers, friends, and society causes us to lose much of this natural ability to release our emotions as we did so effortlessly when we were young children. Each time we were told one of the following, or something similar, it taught us how to either supress our emotions, or express our emotions in an inappropriate manner:

Once we were good at suppressing our inner excitement for life, and suppressing the feelings we were taught to believe were unacceptable, we stopped fufilling our own emotional health and well-being, and we were seen as an adult and considered responsible by others.

There is a joke that fittingly represents this point: the first two years of a child's life, everyone in their life tries to get them to walk and talk, and then for the next eighteen years, everyone tries to get them to sit down and shut up.

We are not saying that children should not be disciplined. In order to successfully function in life, children absolutely need to be taught boundaries. Discipline is also necessary to protect children from apparent danger. It is just that sometimes without realizing the ramifications, parents and adults can go too far with discipline.


The NATURAL balanced point between misguided suppression and improper expression is "Releasing," or "Letting Go" - what we call The Sedona Method. The prime purpose of releasing is to quiet the mind. When you release:

Even if you've mastered the act of inappropriately expressing feelings or suppressing feelings, you are most likely still letting go. An example of letting go is in "True Laughter."

Try to envision your last really great belly laugh. You may have been reminiscing of old times with friends or watching a comedian on TV, and something you caught sight of, heard, or said just struck you as being hilarious. You couldn't stop the noise or air that came from deep inside of you. Your entire body fluttered and jumbled around. As the gasping and exhaling of chuckles and funny screeches continued, you most likely felt lighter and lighter inside, increasingly happier, and more relaxed, pretty near euphoric. This is good depiction of how you might feel at times as you use The Sedona Method process. You may not laugh out loud when letting go, but you will most likely smile and experience the same feeling of centered relief that is a product of true laughter.


What are medical professionals saying about The Sedona Method?

"I consider the Sedona Method to be the best contribution to preventative medicine that I have seen in my twenty-five years of interest in the field. I am amazed at the simplicity of the training and its effectiveness."

-John L. Kenneny, M.D., Columbia University Medical School, NY

"I was astounded to find how quickly this deceptively simple technique could affect some of the same realizations and changes in my sense of well-being that would have taken psychoanalysis much, much longer to accomplish."

-Dr. Shelley Uram, Psychiatrist, AZ

"The Sedona Method is different from anything I have ever done before. It works on a feeling level and allows people to eliminate negative emotions and thoughts. The Sedona Method is so fast and effective because it goes directly to the heart of the problem - it's a short cut for everyone who uses it."

-Elliot Grumer, Psychiatrist, Good Samaritan Medical Center, Phoenix, AZ

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