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Lester Levenson, The Sedona Method
Lester Levenson

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Lester Levenson was a physicist and accomplished entrepreneur.

Although he was experiencing financial success, he was not happy, and was suffering from depression and various health issues, including kidney stones, jaundice, perforated ulcers, an extremely acidic stomach, spleen problems, and constant pain. In 1952, at the age of 42, he suffered his second heart attack and was sent home to die. His body was damaged from disease and he had less than two weeks to live.

This really angered Lester. Being a man who loved challenges, he chose to not to take this news lying down, so instead of giving up, he went to his lab "within." Being determined and focused, Lester had a strong sense that his problems originated within his body, mind, and emotions. He was able to cut through his conscious mind to discover what he needed - a way to let go of all inner limitations - which is the ultimate tool for personal growth. For three months he used this tool extensively. Not only had his body become totally healthy again, he also enjoyed a state of profound peace that stayed with him for the rest of his life until he passed at age 84.

Lester shares his discoveries with others

Lester found that we are all unlimited beings. We limit ourselves by what we hold in our minds, and because these concepts of limitations are false they can be easily released and let go of. Through his experience, he realized that this release technique he practiced could be easily taught to others, and he started working with individuals and small groups of people.

All of this happened so fast. Lester was looking for the clearest way to describe what he found and what he was experiencing. He searched the Bible and read many Eastern and Western books in order to find the best language to be of service. In the end, he found his own unique ways of explaining his experience and sharing it with others in a way that would be useful to them.

Lester firmly believed that personal growth is not dependent on a teacher or other external sources, but many of his students insisted on looking at him as a guru which is not what he wanted. In order to avoid this, he formed his teachings into a system that allowed others to teach, and his powerful technique for achieving personal growth was developed into the system known as The Sedona Method®.