Frequently Asked Questions: The Sedona Method / Life Coaching

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Who would gain from learning The Sedona Method and being coached using the Method?
Learning and applying The Sedona Method, whether being coached or on your own, would benefit anyone and everyone who has a strong, sincere desire to grow, and improve the quality of their life for the better, and/or is ready and willing to be free of their inner limitations.
What benefits can I expect to receive from The Sedona Method right away?
All the benefits that are stated on this website are possible for you. The more you use The Sedona Method tool, the more you will gain from it. Your results will vary depending on how long your issues have existed, and how much you actually put into this self improvement process. Nearly all people who have worked with The Sedona Method have reported that they felt calmer, happier, and more alive - right away! This undoubtedly leads to improved relationships, emotional well-being, and a healthier positive attitude.
How can I be sure the Sedona Method will work for me?
Unless you give it a try, how do you know it won't work? Many other individuals just like you have successfully benefited from using The Sedona Method, so there isn't any reason to assume it won't work for you. The Method works for everyone and anyone who has a real desire to improve and/or change their life for the better.
If I am already involved in some sort of personal growth program or therapy, or if I have done other personal growth work in the past, can The Sedona Method still be of help to me whether I am being coached using the method, or using the method on my own?
Many people who had done a good amount of inner work and personal growth work commonly acknowledge that their insights and understanding of their childhood wounds had only taken them so far, and that the Method undoubtedly clarifies for them what they have been seeking all along: a calm, authentic sense of themselves, and a means to maintain this awareness without difficulty. It's likened to finding the missing piece to the puzzle. Using The Sedona Method, people who have no previous therapy exposure also experience a profound transformation in the way they enjoy and live their lives.


How is being coached using The Sedona Method different than therapy, meditation or other motivational programs?
The main goal of therapy is letting go of unwanted feelings and emotions. When using The Sedona Method, you're not dependent on someone else whether you are learning it on your own or being coached. With The Sedona Method, you can achieve this goal quickly, and it is not necessary to talk to anyone to get results.

To benefit from meditation, your eyes are closed and you have to withdraw from the world. This practice can also take weeks, months, or years to realize profound results. Using The Sedona Method, you will be able to achieve the same results and more, in much less time with an "eyes open" approach. Instead of withdrawing from the world, you will be more "involved" in it. Since this method is performed with your eyes open, you will be able to release in the middle of any situation in life, while it is occurring, and before it has the opportunity to negatively affect you. Also, there are no rules you will have to adhere to.

Motivational CDs are wonderful while you are listening to them, but the effect is not lasting. Also, your motivation is dependant on an external source. With The Sedona Method, you will learn how to create and activate your own motivation which you will be able to tap into whenever you need it. There is no need to follow anyone's orders, but your own direction. You will become your greatest teacher and coach.
We've all heard the expression “No pain, no gain,” so how is it achievable to sincerely release without dredging up the past and re-experiencing the pain?
A place resides within us that is more "core" than simply a collection of memories from our past. It is a calm place from where we can observe the events of our lives and not be negatively affected by them. You will learn how to access this part of you. As you bring your past issues to your awareness you will see them dissolve more easily.

The Sedona Method will help make clear the fundamental underlying driving forces that bring about all the pain, suffering, and displeasure you need to release. It will also equip you with the means of releasing all that you uncover as a result of your new awareness.
How quickly will I see results?
You will begin to see results and benefits from the first day you use The Sedona Method. The benefits and results will dramatically increase the more you practice the technique. There will come a time when releasing becomes second nature to you, and you will continually see results and benefits from using the Method throughout your life!
What can I expect to happen?
You can expect to feel considerably better, have more control of your life, start making healthier choices and decisions, enjoy more satisfying and fulfilling relationships and, most importantly, have your life improve considerably. Due to the fact that each one of us has our own goals, unique life experiences, and different situations, the specifics for each individual vary widely. Once you learn how to release, your inner self begins bloom and flourish in many wonderful and exciting ways.
If The Sedona Method is remarkably simple, why isn't everyone using it?
In reality, everyone does practice this method to some degree. Releasing is a completely natural experience, which we have all benefited from at some time in life. The Sedona Method teaches you how to utilize the releasing experience so you can consistently and continually let go of unwanted feelings and emotions when you choose instead of only by accident.
Is there another system similar to The Sedona Method that I may be familiar with?
No, The Sedona Method is clearly unique. However, although you may not have encountered it in a while, you are surely familiar with the feeling of release.