Is Life Coaching Wright For You?

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RI life coach, MA life coaching, Sedona Method techniques, Providence RI, Boston MA, improve relationships, self-improvement classes, business coach, motivation training, personal growth, MA, RI, CT, NH

What is life coaching?

People come to coaching for various different reasons, however, almost all are seeking clarity, change, and personal growth. Coaching is a success and results-oriented partnership. Essentially, what a coach does is help you clarify what is really important to you, guides you to focus, and provides feedback to assist you in moving forward towards your goals, purpose, and vision. Coaching focuses on your resources and strengths, and how these personal traits can be utilized to benefit you the most.

What do life coaches do?

My role as your coach during the coaching process is to help you connect with your inner self so thay you may gain more insight and clarity of who you are and what you want out of life. I will ask questions, listen, and help you create new view points so that you can find the answers within yourself.

It is about moving you beyond what doesn't work to a more effective and effortless life.

As your coach I will:

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